Black Garlic Hair Loss Shampoo by Golden Azar – Prevents Hair loss, Stimulates growth and Relieves itchy scalp/ 400 ml

  • Black Garlic is a product of a careful fermentation process from fresh garlic. During the process, it removes the odor of garlic but the amount of ANTIOXIDANT becomes 10 times higher!
  • Formulated with planet-based ingredients. Does not contain any ingredients derived from animals, and no animal testing!
  • The natural extracts of black garlic restore dull, dry, and brittle hair and turn into more strength, shine, and moisture.
  • Carefully developed formula by beauty experts – Our exclusive blend of vitamin C, and ZINC to prevent hair loss, eliminate dandruff and stimulate hair growth! Safe for daily use, all hair types, color-safe, and for both men and women.
  • Free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Artificial Colors, and Animal Testing!
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Golden Azar black garlic shampoo is effective against hair loss.

Thanks to its developed formula with black garlic extract, it restructures the hair. It gives shine and sparkle to the hair.

Thanks to vitamins, it provides durability, flexibility, and vitality to the hair.

If your hair is dry and damaged, try our excellent garlic shampoo with restorative nutrients to restore hair to its former soft and shiny glory.

It is an excellent remedy for dry or flaky scalps as it is full of natural ingredients to relieve itching and soothe the scalp.

Garlic shampoo is an ideal hair care product for those experiencing hair loss and thinning, as it contains garlic extract to accelerate circulation and promote hair growth.


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